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Qi Gong in the woods: nature lessons in Oasi Zegna

Six sessions with an expert instructor, starting on 23 May: registration list already open

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Qi Gong in the woods: walking and exercises to activate vital energy. Five days in Oasi Zegna, between Trivero Valdilana, Bielmonte and Bocchetto Sessera (in Biella province, only 90 minutes from Milan and Turin), to immerse oneself in the principles of traditional Chinese medicine under the guidance of Natalina Bassetto, a Qi Gong teacher with a vast experience of oriental disciplines, with which she has worked since the 1970s. Natalina also teaches Tàijí quán and spends long periods of study in China every year. Lessons will be held on Saturdays from the end of April onward. At which time of year, what better excuse for lengthening the visit to Oasi Zegna, staying at Albergo Bucaneve overnight and enjoying walks in the green landscape and tastings in one of the many hospitality facilities in the area.


The theme and the scenario are seriously captivating, so it would be wise to save the dates now and book, because there are a limited number of places. 30 May is for kids and families: participants meet up at 10.00 at Ristorante il Castagneto (Trivero Valdilana) and do a walk to the woods around Santuario della Brughiera, where they will do exercises. In the afternoon, from 14.30 to 16.00, a lesson on theory and then practice. Lunch is vegan. On 23 May, 20 June, 25 July and 22 August, 5 September on the other hand, the meeting point, again at 10.00, is at Bocchetto Sessera, for a walk through nature and then Qi Gong in the Forest of Smiles. In the afternoon, till 16.00, theory and practice. Here too, lunch is vegan, at Albergo Bucaneve di Bielmonte.

To contemplate the relationship between the constellations and seasons (represented by the five animals), natural elements and organs. According to traditional Chinese medicine, people follow the seasons and are influenced, both physically and mentally, by the combined movements of the celestial bodies and earth.

This stimulates energy along the acupuncture channels through meditation, self-massage, walking and certain exercises that imitate the five mystical animals associated with the Celestial Palaces, i.e. the four points of the compass and a center. But on a purely physical level too, Qi Gong is a set of simple exercises that loosen the joints, improve posture and strengthen the bones (combating osteoporosis), as well as having beneficial effects on balance, vision disorders and functions of the internal organs. Correct posture regulates and harmonizes the body by relaxing it and keeping it in a position in which every part is in a natural physiological state, thus allowing internal energy to circulate through the energy channels without obstacle. Natural breathing gradually becomes thin, long and deep. Mind and heart harmonize by entering a state of calm and tranquility, passing from a state of agitation to one of peace.

One whole day costs 40 euros per person (including lunch). The family day - 16 May – is free of charge. The sessions are open to people with invalidity who can participate in the afternoon. It is also possible to do just a half day (till 13.00).

There are a limited number of places. To register, please contact Fondo Edo Tempia: tel. 015.351830.

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