• EAT
  • Monte Marca Hut

    Monte Marca Hut

    Relaxation and tranquility reach new levels in this refuge far from urban stress and chaos.

  • Bocchetto Sessera Inn

    Bocchetto Sessera Inn

    In Bielmonte, at the start of the Nordic ski trails leading to Bosco del Sorriso, a typical mountain inn.

  • Della Panoramica Bar

    Della Panoramica Bar

    It’s ideal for a snack during a day of sports or a warm and hearty afternoon tea.

  • Alpe Moncerchio Farmhouse

    Alpe Moncerchio Farmhouse

    In the magic of Moncerchio bowl, offers refreshment, relaxation and the opportunity to live the true alpine life

  • Wing Over Bar

    Wing Over Bar

    In Bielmonte, abandon yourself to the typical flavors of mountain cooking, such as the tasty polenta dishes.

  • Chalet Bielmonte Brewery

    Chalet Bielmonte Brewery

    It has kept the original name of the building. Meeting place for entertaining evenings and tastings of local products.

  • Piana del Ponte Hut

    Piana del Ponte Hut

    Nestled in the Valsessera, it is the ideal stop for hiking, horseback riding or mtb.

  • La Pineta hotel

    La Pineta hotel

    Close to the lifts. Typical hospitality and dishes that recall traditions

  • Alpe Margosio Farmhouse

    Alpe Margosio Farmhouse

    It’s in the area called “la via delle bocchette”, in the mid-level mountain zone crossed by the Panoramica Zegna road.

  • Argimonia Inn

    Argimonia Inn

    At the foot of the crest known as "Argimonia", discover an ideal stop-off for hikers.

  • Hostaria Caulera

    Hostaria Caulera

    Discover the flavors of Piedmont cooking in a place dedicated to mountain lovers and with a family atmosphere

  • Caffè Al Centro

    Caffè Al Centro

    In Trivero, savor the beauty of contemporary art and the flavors of local and international cuisine

  • Cà nel Bosco Farmhouse

    Cà nel Bosco Farmhouse

    Nestled in the woods, a perfect place for a getaway from the city wrapped in the tranquility of nature

  • Il Faggio Farmhouse

    Il Faggio Farmhouse

    In Trivero, treat yourself to a stay of relaxation and spirituality in a farmhouse whose rooms are named after trees.

  • Oro di Berta Farmhouse

    Oro di Berta Farmhouse

    A farmstay and educational facility where traditional flavors can be enjoyed in a family atmosphere.