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When to start? With whom? Here are answers to some of the most frequent questions from parents of small kids

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It develops agility, co-ordination, sense of balance and courage. It’s practiced outdoors and in pure and natural mountain environments. But above all, it’s fun and exciting: skiing is a sport that’s suitable for kids, who can spend a whole day on the snow, with other kids, and ski with mum and dad. And with the help of instructors from the two ski schools in Oasi Zegna (used to young skiers, who can learn on Bielmonte’s easy and sunny slopes), here are some answers to the most frequent questions from parents of small kids ahead of the winter break.  

When? The recommended age to start is from 4 to 6, but even earlier is possible in the snow playground, ideal for infants, with uphill moving walkways, flat terrain or even uphill in the final stage so kids don’t gather too much speed and become frightened. And then, in the Baby Park, there are games and other group activities, and animators and instructors to watch over and reassure them.  

With whom? The ideal approach is to sign them up with a ski school. The charisma and professionalism of the instructor give them an example to follow (small kids learn almost exclusively by imitation) and the approach is different from that of parents, who often risk doing the opposite of what they want, i.e. scaring their kids off skiing. Individual or group courses? Our instructors recommend individual lessons for infants (3-4 years old) or kids who feel insecure on snow and require extra care and “tailored” instruction. For bolder kids, group lessons are best: kids have more fun in the company of others of the same age. It’s also important to remember that at the beginning skiing must be above all a game. Technique should only be taught from age 7 onwards.

Where? The best places for very young skiers are small resorts with easy slopes that are sunny and not crowded, like the ones we have here in Bielmonte, where kids learn the ropes in complete tranquility and without suffering the cold too much.  

Downhill, snowboard or cross-country? Downhill rather than cross-country is best for kids. They have fun on chairlifts and aren’t interested in the views or relaxing activities that appeal to adults. It’s best not to start them on a snowboard before 5-6, when they have acquired better co-ordination and concentration. And it helps if they’ve already skied before trying a snowboard, as they’ll be used to sliding around with equipment on their feet, but it’s not indispensable. For all baby snowboarders however, the initial learning phase can be a bit traumatic: snowboarding is all about balance and falling comes easy. So it’s important to have an instructor who’s specialized in teaching kids. Safety. A helmet is a must and it’s obligatory for the under 14s. But it’s also important for them to learn from the outset how to behave on the slopes and have respect for others. 

Ski schools in the Bielmonte area, in Oasi Zegna:
Scuola Italiana Sci Bielmonte Oasi Zegna
Località Bielmonte Panoramica Zegna Piatto
+ 39 015.744178 + 39 333.1232850
info@scuolascibielmonte.it     http://www.scuolascibielmonte.it/
Scuola Italiana Sci Monte Marca Bielmonte
Località Bielmonte Panoramica Zegna Piatto
+ 39 015.744110 + 39 333.4611412
info@scuolascimontemarcabielmonte.it     http://www.scuolascimontemarcabielmonte.it

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