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Summer 2017

Enjoy the unique experience of regaining serenity and equilibrium through physical and spiritual contact with nature.

Treat yourself to a weekend in the Forest of Smiles in Oasi Zegna in Biella (Piemonte) and experience the bioenergetic force that trees can offer our health. Nature, properly understood, transmits enormous vital force. On contact with it,serenity and wellbeing become our traveling companions, capable of “infecting” anyone.

This is why Bosco del Sorriso in Oasi Zegna is a magical place. It can be done on foot or mountain bike in the green seasons. Doing this experiential walk amidst pines, beeches and birches, enveloped in the smells and sounds of uncontaminated nature in Upper Val Sessera, will help you regain much interior wellbeing.

On an easy path, a 4.8 km loop through uncontaminated nature, you’ll be able to experience the vibrant attraction and benefits that the bioenergetic force of the Forest of Smiles can give our health, thanks to direct contact with nature and background information.Poetry readings will also help reveal the secrets of this magical place.

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