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The oasi zegna project The oasi zegna project The oasi zegna project

How to Behave

The oasi zegna project

The following are a few simple pointers to be followed in order to respect the environment:

  • The Bielmonte skiing facility is in the protected area Oasi Zegna.
  • The ski slopes harmonize closely with natural corridors of European importance. The flora deserves respect and is part of a habitat crucial to the survival of precious endemic fauna.
  • Many species of flowers are rare and protected: let us be satisfied with looking at them and photographing them.
  • If the animals are used to our presence it will be easier to observe them: do not disturb them in anyway.
  • Accidental fires may cause irreparable damage to the woods.
  • Deposit refuse in the appropriate bins, or better still, take it home with you.
  • Oasi Zegna is a place of peace for visitors and residents: avoid making troublesome noises.
  • Respect everyone’s right to use the facilities and the signboards; do not damage them.
  • There are many areas where you may stop: only park within the authorized.