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"M'illumino di meno" 2020: Oasi Zegna too downs its lights

On 6 March, we're taking part in an initiative inviting people to plant trees, an activity very dear to us. Events include a candlelight supper and a nighttime snowshoe hike

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On Friday 6 March, Oasi Zegna downs its lights to participate in M’illumino di Meno, the energy saving and sustainable lifestyles day launched in 2005 by Caterpillar and Rai Radio2. This isn’t the first time we’ve supported this splendid environmental initiative but this year “M’illumino di meno” (I use less lighting) touches on a theme that’s particularly dear to us: reforestation. The 2020 edition’s goal is to increase trees and other greenery around us because “planting trees helps mitigate global warming and save the planet”. Oasi Zegna itself is the result of the planting of over 500,000 conifers, flowers and deciduous trees in Ermenegildo Zegna’s environmental protection and development project, which in the 1930s transformed the barren mountains around Trivero into a natural lung. And the trees are continuing to grow in Oasi Zegna thanks to projects like Zegna Baby Forest, created in Bielmonte in 2010 on the occasion of the centennial of Ermenegildo Zegna Group, which decided to plant a tree for every baby born to its employees, in celebration of Nature and Life. An initiative to up the number of trees around us that in 2012 spread from Oasi Zegna to Mongolia, where trees were planted in the My Zegna Forest. So Oasi Zegna naturally responds to Caterpillar’s invitation to town councils, schools, businesses, associations and ordinary citizens to  “plant a lime tree, a plane, an oak, an alder or a beech. But also rosemary, juniper(Nana), sage, heather or blue periwinkle, anything that can be planted on a balcony or windowsill.”

And not only on 6 March. Oasi Zegna is taking part in the energy saving and sustainable lifestyles festival with a special “dark” weekend. A candlelight supper on Friday evening at Albergo Bucaneve, tasting the creations of chef Ernesto Tonetto in a even more romantic atmosphere. Then everyone out on the terrace, armed with blankets, to admire the spectacle of the sky in ideal conditions. The stars, but also the Po valley plains, twinkling in the distance, and the skyline of the slumbering mountains: nighttime in Oasi Zegna is uniquely fascinating, as shown by our visitors’ photos on the socials. View them in the gallery

The day after, Saturday 7, there’s a nighttime snowshoe hike in the woods. A 90 minute walk immersed in the darkness of night to be able to admire the moon at the height of its splendor: not only full but seemingly enormous. Two days later in fact, on Monday 9 March, the second Supermoon phenomenon in 2020 is due. 

Find out what a Supermon is

These are the numbers for booking the moonlight snowshoe hike organized by Amici del Fondo, starting out from Bocchetto Sessera and arriving at the stone dwellings at Artignaga: 328 9345001 or 339 7628696 with WhatsApp. Cost of hike: 6 euros + 6 euros to hire snowshoes.

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