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until the end of September

Give yourself a “forest bathing” and discover the wellbeing that a walk in the woods can give you. After exploring the beech woods in Upper Valsessera you’ll feel reborn.

In Oasi Zegna, nature park in Piemonte, in the province of Biella, a special weekend not to be missed: full immersion in nature and an experience of the benefits of the woods on our health.

The practice of Forest Bathing originated in Japan, where it plays an important role in preventive medicine. Walking in and exploring the woods, especially if they have certain biological characteristics, reduces stress and depression.

The beech woods in Oasi Zegna have a high capacity to release volatile substances(monoterpenes) from their foliage and this has a beneficial effect on our immune defense. The marked routes all run from Bocchetto Sessera.

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