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Oasi Zegna, the most beautiful walks: the Bonom Trail

A demanding route. The prize? Panoramas, rhododendrons, blueberries and the "sound of the mountains"

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Bocchetto di Sessera - Monticchio - Colma Bella - Cima del Bonom - Bassa del Campo - Artignaga - Alpe Montuccia - Bocchetto di Sessera (path 17, Oasi Zegna Map)  


A demanding path starting from Bocchetto Sessera (reached by car on the Panoramica Zegna road) and climbing to the top of Cima del Bonom, via Monte Monticchio, Colma Bella and Pera Furà, a rather special place, just one of the attractions of this walk. Return from Bonom is by way of the path for Alpe Artignaga and an unsurfaced road via Alpe Montuccia back to Bocchetto Sessera.

Distance: 13 km
Time: 4 hours
Start point: Bocchetto di Sessera (1,373 m)
End point: Bocchetto di Sessera
High point: Cima del Bonom (1,877 m)
Elevation gain (D+): 650 m
Total elevation difference: 1,317 m
Where to eat:
Locanda Bocchetto Sessera; info: 015.744115.
Agriturismo Alpe Montuccia
(open from May to September), info: 3662874159.
- The view across Valsessera and the old stone-built villages in Valle del Cervo you immediately have on approaching Monte Monticchio. And then the wonderful panorama taking in the upper Valsessera and Monte Asnas (2,039 m) awaiting those who brave the final climb to the top.
- The rhododendrons, tall daisies, yellow arnica and blue rampion bellflower that color the path, on which grassy saddles alternate with rocky sections.
- The Pera Furà (stone with a hole), a roundish “natural window” formed by eroded stone slabs. Inside it, you can sit in silence and listen to the “breathing of the mountain”, a unique sound produced by the wind penetrating the cracks. While in the biggest opening in the rocks there is what looks like the face of man, in stone.
MUST REMEMBER There is no water along the way, so stock up well at the start point, where there is also a spring. Hiking gear, including poles to assist your efforts, is recommended.  

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