What is Oasi Zegna?
Oasi Zegna is a vast and freely accessible area (no gates, tickets or opening hours). It covers around 100 km2 and is crossed by a road (Strada Panoramica Zegna) that’s a sort of backbone, 26 km long, looking out over the Po valley plains on one side and the wild Valsessera on the other.

Where is it? How do you get there?
In Piemonte, in Biella province, an hour and a half from Milan and Turin. It’s a sizeable chunk of the Biella Alps and can be accessed from Trivero Valdilana on the road up to Bielmonte (high point at 12 km from Trivero), which then drops down towards Valle Cervo, or from Valle Cervo (near Rosazza), driving up to Bielmonte and down to Trivero, where Ermenegildo Zegna still has its Wool Mill.

Do you have to pay? Are there opening hours?
Oasi Zegna is a freely accessible mountain area, so no opening hours and no tickets.

Where to start?
We recommend contacting us for your first “immersion”, so we can point you at activities in line with your attitudes and preferences. This link is for info (updated in real time) on weather conditions, traffic situation, snow, skiing facilities, downhill slopes and cross-country trails.

Can we explore the territory on our own? Are there guided tours?
You can organize trips on your own at any time of year, just as you can arrange for various experiences with professional nature guides guaranteeing trekking, Nordic walking, night-time outings and, in winter, snowshoe hiking, ski-touring and much else besides, all in total safety.

What sports can be done?
In spring to autumn, hiking, nordic walking, mountain-biking, enduro-biking, running, climbing, basketball and volleyball, swimming, paragliding and much else besides, and in winter skiing, snowshoe hiking, cross-country skiing and outings with guides, day- and night-time.

Are there places to eat and sleep?
In Oasi Zegna there are several inns, refuges, hotels, B&Bs, farm stays and restaurants.

Are dogs allowed?
Four-legged friends are always welcome in our territory.

What’s the terrain like?
Driving along the Panoramica Zegna from Trivero Valdilana you go through three “bands”, or rather “roads”, rising from 800 to 1,500 meters above sea level.

The Rhododendron Road: this is the “garden” part of Oasi Zegna, between 800 and 1,000 m asl, with the marvelous Conca dei Rododendri (Rhododendron Bowl), landscaped by Pietro Porcinai and more recently by Paolo Pejrone. It offers an unforgettable explosion of colorful blossom in May and June .

The Road of the Passes: this is the middle (and highest) part of the Panoramica Zegna. Half way along it (at 1,482 m) is Bielmonte, a tourist/skiing resort. The Panoramica Zegna links, at almost regular intervals, a number of passes that farmers used to use to bring their herds from the Po valley plains up into the wild Valsessera. On the walk to the San Bernardo Sanctuary, there’s the unmissable view of Monte Rosa from Bocchetta Margosio, and dozens of paths through Valsessera’s beech woods.

THE SYENITE ROAD: this is after Bielmonte, still on the Panoramica Zegna, down towards the magical Valle Cervo and Biella. The landscape changes radically here, with some very interesting geological features, and there are still inhabited villages, so it offers a genuine example of mid-montane life. The vegetation has alpine characteristics and the terrain was modeled by the waters of the Cervo. The area is characterized by syenite, a magmatic rock formed over 30 million years ago and still worked by local artisans with their chisels.

Is there a camping site?
Yes, at Piazzale 2, Bielmonte, there are special areas for campers, caravans and minivans.

Are there charging stations for e-bikes and electric cars?
Yes, there are a number of e-bike chargers in Oasi Zegna and some electric car chargers at Bielmonte.

What can we do with the kids?
At Bielmonte: in summer there’s the Bosco Avventura (Adventure Forest), the Rolba Run (fun bobsleighs on wheels) and climbing walls, and in winter there’s Winter Bielmonte Kids, ski schools and an ice-skating rink.
At Bocchetto Sessera: a regenerating walk in the bioenergetic Bosco del Sorriso (Forest of Smiles), with wooden books for kids to read (or listen to) fairy tales and stories about all the trees.

Are there any maps of the place?
Yes, on our website or at the info points in Trivero and local bars/restaurants.


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