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02.07.2017 - 02.07.2017

Bioenergetic Experience in the Forest of Smiles

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At Bocchetto Sessera In Bielmonte, heart of Oasi Zegna, nature park in the Biella Alps in Piemonte, a unique experience in contact with nature to feel the beneficial potential that the Forest of Smiles and trees offer our health. Conducted by experts Marco Nieri (eco-designer) and Michele Vania (homotoxicology and bioresonance expert), the program includes outdoor activities and educational content. The experiential path, starting from Bocchetto Sessera, is a 4.8 km loop, easy for everyone, through the uncontaminated landscape of the Upper Val Sessera, amidst beeches, pines and birches in full leaf. Applying the Bioenergetic Landscape method*, 16 trees have been selected and signage has been put up indicating the main organs in the body that can be influenced by the energy the trees develop and emit in the immediate surroundings. Their therapeutic effect can be felt most effectively if visitors stop for at least ten minutes by each one. The Forest of Smiles is ideal for families, especially with kids, for whom there are special rest areas with stone seats and cedar wood books in which they can read, or be read, the Forest Fairy Tales. * devised by Marco Nieri www.archibio.it  
Locanda Bocchetto Sessera
Bocchetto Sessera Tavigliano (BI)
+ 39 353 4496794
info@bocchettosessera.it     http://www.bocchettosessera.it

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