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Scia.Lis: when skiing is really for everyone

Non-competitive ski race in collaboration with Vedo Voci

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Oasi Zegna is happy to see the return of SciaLIS, an initiative by the Monte Marca Ski School organized in collaboration with Vedo Voci (a parents’ association), the Federazione Sport Sordi, Piatto, Cossato and Biella. 

The skiing lessons end with a non-competitive slalom race in which everyone wins. The event’s patroness is former alpine ski champion Manuela Moelgg.

As part of the SciaLIS project, on Sunday 23 February (from 10 am onwards), there will be a ski festival for people with hearing impairment organized by the Monte Marca Ski School, which every year holds mixed courses for people with and without hearing impairment. Traditional ski instructors are backed up by a LIS (Italian Sign Language) facilitator. The next courses are on 24 to 29 February (carnival week).

The event on 23 February is in support of Istituto Comprensivo di Cossato and its sign language bilingualism project (which has been running for over 20 years).

Here’s the program for the day:
  • 10.00: performance of a song in sign language by students from Istituto Comprensivo di Cossato and ski instructors from Scuola Sci Monte Marca Bielmonte
  • 11.00: Gymkhana for small kids
  • 14.30: SciaLis slalom
  • 16.00: prize giving, prize draw and snack in the square outside the Ski School
For further info: Scuola Sci Monte Marca Bielmonte - 347.3271319 -www.scuolascimontemarcabielmonte.it - info@scuolascimontemarcabielmonte.it
Scuola Italiana Sci Monte Marca Bielmonte
Località Bielmonte Panoramica Zegna Piatto
info@scuolascimontemarcabielmonte.it     http://www.scuolascimontemarcabielmonte.it

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