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Winter treatments at Bucaneve Wellness

A place in which to regenerate and forget about the biting winter cold. A whole range of treatments with organic products

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The wellness facility at Albergo Bucaneve is ideal for regenerating and forgetting about the biting winter cold. There’s a whole range of solutions based on our organic products to give your skin protection, nourishment and luster.
“PURIFYING BALANCE” - Duration: 120 min. 
A full package of benefits for those needing to relax tension and stress and eliminate toxins by using active detoxifying and revitalizing ingredients like dandelion, rosemary and gentian. Soothing and relaxing aroma-massage. The package includes: 
for 60 minutes
FACE treatment with applications of mud-hay and clay with purifying extract 
BODY treatment with relaxing extract and Hobe Pergh hay bath (30 minutes) and finish with a 30-minute partial massage with stress-relieving oil. 
euro 80.00   

“RESTORATIVE GLOW” - Duration: 90 min. 
An energizing solution recommended for re-establishing a correct psycho-physical balance with applications rich in restorative phytoceramides: vitamins, amino acids and rice germ extracts with connective tissue renewal properties. The package includes: 
FACE treatment
: restorative protein-based peeling with acupressure and firming extract (15 minutes)
BODY treatment: a 30-minute remineralizing scrub and a 45 minute total body massage with stimulating oil 
euro 85.00

“NATURAL BEAUTY” - Duration: 90 min. 
Beauty treatments designed to give skin elasticity, luster and moisturizing. The use of butters and beeswax containing trace elements
  helps nourish and repair skin cells and blemishes. The package includes:
FACE treatment
: phial of anti-age concentrate with moisturizing and nutrient mask; application of Damask rose cream (20 minutes)
BODY treatment
: nutrient butter mask (20 minutes) and lower limb draining massage (30 minutes) with modelling cream.
euro 90.00

“LUXURY WELLNESS” - Duration: 120 min. 
Treatment for those craving the luxury of full immersion in all-embracing wellness. The use of exclusive, prestige active ingredients for anti-age and anti-radicals action, such as folic acid, hyaluronic acid, moisturizing aloe and nutrient butters, facilitates cell regeneration and restructuring. The package includes: 
FACE treatment
: anti-age booster with cleansing, enzymatic peeling, alginate mask, serum and cream (50 minutes)
BODY treatment: back and neck massage with 'Semplici caldi' and stress-relieving oil (45 minutes). And lastly, a choice between: 
HANDS: cleansing, hand bathing, scrub, mask, specific cream (25 minutes) 
FEET: cleansing, foot bathing, scrub, mask, foot balsam (25 minutes) 
euro 120.00

Treatments must be booked at least a week in advance. Wellness opening hours: Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 8 pm. Monday to Thursday, by appointment, from 3 pm to 8 pm. www.bucaneve.eu

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