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Autumn wellness at Albergo Bucaneve

Relaxing moments in a unique natural setting far from our routine chaos

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The word “care” has various meanings, including effort and respect. The importance of taking care of oneself on a daily basis to achieve real and long lasting results was the inspiration for our four autumn wellbeing solutions. Designed to meet the needs of the individual and capable of providing unique experiences of wellbeing thanks to high quality products like those of the Hobe Pergh line. 

All our treatments are specially structured to deliver psycho-physical benefits and geared to the necessities that body and mind may feel in this season of transition and harvesting. We too are “harvesting” at this time, storing energy for our return from holidays to daily work, pondering this change and considering ways to detoxify, feed and protect ourselves ahead of the imminent arrival of the cold.   

(LOVE) WELL-BEING Duration: around 120 min. A bath of wellbeing on a warm bed of herbs & hay from the Asiago Uplands, with oil of grape seeds, almonds and dandelion. An enveloping embrace to drive away stress and toxins and set off again fully charged. [60’ Wellness course + large hay cushion with detoxifying oil (20′) + facial brushing + anti-stress massage with relaxing extract (40′)]. Cost: €100.   

(LOVE) PERSONAL Duration: around 90 min. A course promoting purification and wellbeing. Rich in trace elements with draining action and compounds that help regenerate tissues, such as waxes, butters and echinacea. Invigorating techniques with notes of ginseng and lemon. [30′ re-mineralizing scrub + nutrient body mask with firming extract (30′) + toning massage with regenerating cream (30′)]. Cost: €85.   

(LOVE) BEAUTY Duration: around 90 min. Our skin reflects our interior health. Anti-oxidant vitamins and phyto-extracts for the face. Clay and seeds to prevent blemishes caused by physiological imbalances. A general remodeling accompanied by stress-relieving and relaxing techniques. [15′ nutrient face mask with precious softener + lower limb mud (30′) with modeling extract + stress-relieving massage with ‘Semplici caldi[A1] ' (45′)]. Cost: €100.   

(LOVE) SKIN CARE Duration: around 60[A2]  min. Our daily routine is “training” for our skin. This course includes all the basic moves for keeping it healthy, supple and lustrous. Dermo-purifying aloe, burdock and borage, moisturizing rosewaters, coconut oil, shea butter, specific anti-age techniques. [20′ face brush + face cleansing [milk / peeling / tonic / anti-age serum] + regenerating mask with precious firming (15′) + connective tissue face massage with damask rose cream (20′)]. Cost: €85.   

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