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Forest of Smiles

A walk in the nature to assimilate vital energy and trees wellness benefits

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Nature, if listened to, can transmit enormous vital energy. Contact with it brings serenity and wellbeing, traveling companions capable of positively infecting anyone.

This is why the Forest of Smiles in Oasi Zegna is a magical place.
It was designed so people can rediscover trees in an environment of natural fragrances and sounds, serenity and interior harmony.

Recent studies have shown that humans and plant life emit electromagnetic fields and that those emitted by trees may in certain conditions exert an influence on the energy state of every organ in the human body.

This is why the Forest was monitored using the Bioenergetic Landscape method developed by Professor Marco Nieri.
Along the way, there are signs suggesting where to stop to assimilate certain beneficial effects, and for kids there are three interesting rest areas with large wooden books in which to read the Tales from the Woods, inspired by the three most common trees in the area.

The 4.8 km loop (starting form Bocchetto Sessera) is easy for everyone and can be enjoyed on foot in the green seasons or on skis (cross-country) in winter.

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