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Birrificio Artigianale Beer In

In Portula (BI), this offers artisanal beers of various strengths and for all tastes.

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In Trivero The Beer In Brewery is in Portula, in the province of Biella, a short way from the mountains of Valsessera and Oasi Zegna. It’s from these mountains in fact that the water with which the brewery makes its beers comes. All this, and the use of the finest raw materials and the 30 years of experience of master brewer Gianni Mazza, gives these products quality that’s not only outstanding but perfectly plain to everyone. Beer In’s philosophy is that of making unique beers that meet the tastes of the demanding expert but also appeal to those approaching this type of product for the first time. Beers: Beer In produces some of the world’s best known beer styles, with typically Italian spirit and creativity but never betraying tradition. Alongside their standard production there are a number of seasonal beers only brewed at certain times of the year. Beer In styles: Pils, American Pale Ale, Dark strong Belgian Ale, Porter, Hefe Weizen, Smoked Beer. Open by appointment.   DISTANCES From Bielmonte 11 km (30 min)
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Birrificio Beer In
Frazione Chiesa 31
Portula (BI)
+39 338.7357605

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