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Comfort and Immerrsion in Nature, Overnight Stays Under the Banner of Sustainability in a Nest for Two with a Retractable Roof

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A wood cabin under a starry sky. A sort of nest for two, immersed in the uncontaminated nature of Oasi Zegna, in Alta Valsessera, whose extraordinary characteristics explain why it’s a Site of Community Interest (SCI). And with a retractable roof, so you can fall asleep under a duvet looking at the stars (enjoy the privilege of no luminous pollution!) and wake up to the colors of dawn.

This is a moving experience you can have this summer too, from 2 June 2022, by booking the Oasi Zegna Starsbox (the name of the cabin) on Monte Cerchio, at 1,500 meters above sea level, near to the Moncerchio farmstay and grazing grounds and next to the Baita Cesira, which provides all the necessary services, including cooking facilities. The cabin itself, in fact, is just a bedroom, with a comfortable big bed to make you feel wonderfully sheltered. While the retractable roof will make you feel completely at one with the nature surrounding you.

Designed by Officina82, the Oasi Zegna StarsBox is part of a tourism circuit – “Costellazione StarsBo” – whose aim is to enhance perception of place. The cabins on this circuit, inspired by the shepherds’ huts in the Ligurian Alps, have a very simple design and are made of natural materials.

The Oasi Zegna StarsBox is for two people. But it can be booked together with the neighboring Baita Cesira (sleeping 6), a perfect solution for a group of friends. You can prepare all your own meals using the fully equipped cooking facility in the Cesira hut or avail yourselves of the nearby Agriturismo Moncerchio, which offers delicious breakfasts (homemade cakes, jams, fruit juices and coffee) and lunches and dinners featuring local recipes and products.

Contact Amici del Fondo: cell. 320 961 6218 or e-mail monticchiosportecamere@gmail.com

For 2 people: 70 euros a night from Sunday to Thursday; 130 euros a night Friday and Saturday. For 4 people (2 in the StarsBox and 2 in the hut): 260 euros; for 6 people (2 in the StarsBox and 4 in the hut): 390 euros.

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