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Alpine cheese and cured meats

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The traditional cheese here is undoubtedly Maccagno (Macagn). Typical of the Biella Alps, it’s made with milk from cows reared semi-wild and is ideal for dressing “polenta concia” made with local maize flour.

It is produced with a very old technique, known as “hot”, which doesn’t use starters or other additives. Local cheesemakers also offer fresh and matured goat cheeses.

On visiting the Moncerchio and Mangrosio pastures it’s also possible to see the milk being worked and take part in workshops.  

Agriturismo Cà nel Bosco, Portula, Tel. +39.349.8015473: fresh goat cheese, from May onwards
Agriturismo Alpe Margosio, Bielmonte, Tel.
+39.347.9148768: cured meats and goat cheeses „
Agriturismo Alpe Moncerchio, Bielmonte, Tel.
+39.339.7289682: meat, cured meats and cow’s milk cheeses 

“Paletta di Coggiola” is typical of this area and takes its name from the shape of the pig’s shoulder blade from which it is cut.

It is left for around 30 days in brine flavored with various berries, aromatic herbs and pepper. Perfect with apple mostarda or local cheeses.  

Bottega dell’Oasi, Bielmonte, Tel. +39.015.744124
Bottega della Valle del Cervo, Campiglia, Tel. +39.015.60388
Bottega del Dahu, Veglio, Next to the Adventure Park
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