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From jams to infusions

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Genuine local products, zero km, typical of the area.

Excellent jams for breakfasts and tasty snacks, all produced with in-season fruit and in the Piedmontese tradition, preserves, mostarde and sauces to accompany 1st courses, meat and cheeses.

While small fruits like raspberries, bilberries and goji berries are used to make anti-inflammatory, digestive and depurative infusions that exploit the richness of plants to the full.

Agriturismo Oro di Berta, Portula,
Tel. +39.015.756501 (jams – preserves – mostarda – vinegars – walnut oil) „
Agriturismo Cà nel Bosco Portula,
Tel. +39.015.8015473 (oil pickles – vinegar pickles – preserves – jams) „
Agriturismo Cascina il Faggio,
Trivero, Tel. +39.015. 756613 (infusions) „
Benessere al Centro, Trivero,
Tel. +39.320. 6114879 (infusions and phytotherapeutic products)

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