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Forest of Smiles

Regain interior harmony, serenity and wellbeing by learning to recognize the beneficial flows of the trees

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In Bocchetto Sessera (Bielmonte)

Nature, properly understood, transmits enormous vital force. On contact with it, serenity and wellbeing become our traveling companions, capable of “infecting” anyone.

This is why Bosco del Sorriso in Oasi Zegna is a magical place.
Doing this experiential walk amidst pines, beeches and birches, enveloped in the smells and sounds of uncontaminated nature in Upper Val Sessera, will help you regain much interior wellbeing.

The itinerary is a 4.8 km long loop starting in Bocchetto Sessera and is easy for everyone. It can be done on cross-country skis in winter and on foot in the green seasons. Download the brochure

Between one walk and another, discover the pleasure of finding the perfect mountain style of the nearby Locanda Bocchetto Sessera, where you can try some tasty traditional Piemonte recipes, such as fresh cheese aux fines herbes, warm starters with mini-omelettes, polenta concia and delicious cakes.
Oasi Zegna
Trivero (BI)
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