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From May to November

Routes for the disabled

People with disabilities (such as motor, sensory or cognitive), and also old people who need special treatment, are welcomed by a triumph of colors on the special routes through the Conca dei Rododendri in Oasi Zegna in Trivero (Biella province).

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In Trivero

Beauty can bring down any barrier. In the Rhododendron Bowl in Oasi Zegna (Biella) people with disabilities (eg. motor, sensory or cognitive), as well as old people who need special aid and treatment, can enjoy the triumph of nature thanks to a specially designed route.

Taking a leisurely 45 minutes, the route reveals a veritable triumph of colors and fragrances in May and June, when spring coaxes the marvelous rhododendrons into bloom.

There are regulation parking spaces, picnic areas, hospitality facilities and refreshment points designed for accessible tourism.

Discover all the details about the route and a splendid outing in nature. (link)

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Trivero (BI)
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