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Forest Bathing

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In the Oasi Zegna nature park in Piemonte (Biella province), the area in Upper Valsessera is the most uncontaminated part, as well as being a Site of Community Interest. The practice of Forest Bathing originated in Japan, where it plays an important role in preventive medicine. Walking in and exploring the woods, especially if they have certain biological characteristics, reduces stress and depression, lowers blood pressure and pulse rate and makes our immune system more effective. A study of the vegetation in the Upper Valsessera by Marco Nieri (ecodesigner) and Marco Mencagli (agronomist) has scientifically demonstrated that the beech woods in Oasi Zegna have a high capacity to release volatile substances (monoterpenes) from their foliage and this has a beneficial effect on our immune defense. Hence the three Forest Bathing paths offering a unique experience in Europe in terms of surface area and characteristics, first opened to the public in June 2015. Just choose from these recommended trails (particularly rich in beneficial substances) and walk and rest in the woods to enjoy natural beauty and listen to, observe and understand what’s around you. The best period is from June to September (peak leafing months for beeches). Optimum benefits can be obtained by doing a 4-hour walk in the forest with stops along the way (walking at least 5 km). Maximum benefit can be enjoyed by doing 3 or 4 hours a day for three days in a row. According to Spafinder Wellness, the most authoritative organ in the world wellness industry, Forest Bathing was first in the top 10 trends in the sector in 2015. NOT JUST WALKS:
Between walks, enjoy the pleasure of discovering the exquisite mountain style of the nearby Locanda Bocchetto Sessera, where you can try flavorsome recipes from the Piemonte tradition: cottage cheese aromatized with herbs, warm starters with mini omelettes, polenta concia and delicious desserts.
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