Discover the wealth of fauna – foxes, chamois and roe deer – enlivening the nature paths in Oasi Zegna

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In Bielmonte

Foxes, chamois, roe deer, deer, marmots, golden eagles and the extremely rare Carabus Olimpiae, a multi-colored beetle saved from extinction. Splendid fauna can be seen from the nature paths in Oasi Zegna in Biella (Piemonte).

A rich network of routes with facilities, mule tracks and crest paths with info panels and eco-design boards, panoramic view points and rest and refreshment areas on the way to alpine pastures (alpeggi) where local products can be enjoyed.

One of the best loved of these routes is the one through the Fra Dolcino area (Luoghi di Fra Dolcino), named after the friar (mentioned in Dante’s Divine Comedy and Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose), who barricaded himself in these mountains to defend his attempt to reform Christianity.  
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