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Nordic Walking

Train and gently develop stamina, strength and fitness: Nordic Walking awaits you in Oasi Zegna

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A soft way to train and develop strength and stamina: Nordic Walking awaits you in Oasi Zegna. Bielmonte and Trivero.

An advanced version of assisted walking, Nordic Walking makes it possible to gently increase stamina and strength and above all firm up the body by losing weight. Come and discover the routes where you can do it in Oasi Zegna near Biella (Piemonte).

Oasi Zegna will thus have a Nordic Walking ParkĀ®, certified to the criteria of SINW (Scuola Italiana Nordic Walking), where you can do physical exercise geared to your capability and rediscover the joy of walking with the help of poles. The project stems from a very simple idea, that of walking on paths where people can feel perfectly at ease at every step!

In Oasi Zegna there are plenty of views and panorama points but modern life allows us less and less time outdoors. This is why our Nordic Walking instructors want people to walk paths that have always existed but observe them in a new light, rediscover them. Something we hardly ever do nowadays!

Three signposted itineraries of different lengths and difficulty which separately or together provide graded levels of training, ie. more or less demanding, for all sorts of walkers. The average walking time is 4 hours and if you want to stay out all day, just go for it!

- Itinerary Novareia Itinerary - easy, around 6 km
- Bellavista Itinerary - medium, around 9 km
- Brughiera Itinerary - difficult, around 8 km

A full map of the routes is available. Along the way there are picnic points, alpine huts and farmstays where you can enjoy typical mountain hospitality, with food tastings and even workshops on dairy produce and life in alpine pastures. Equipment can be hired locally.
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