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Promoted by Fondazione Zegna, the ALL'APERTO public art project (curated by Andrea Zegna and Barbara Casavecchia) aims to make contemporary art and its values more accessible to the general public.

Since 2008, it has given the township of Trivero and Oasi Zegna a series of permanent art works “made to measure” by artists of international renown, works that address the community and give a new focus on places familiar to all the inhabitants, new itineraries for exploring this territory.

In 2008, the project featured Daniel Buren and his "Colored Weathervanes, work in situ”; in 2009 Alberto Garutti and his "Dedicated to the people who will talk about it as they sit here"; in 2011 Stefano Arienti and his “The Telepathists”; in 2012 Roman Signer and “Horologe”; in 2013 Marcello Maloberti and his “Kisses sweeter than wine”; in 2014 Dan Graham and "Two Way Mirror / Hedge Arabesque"; and in 2015 Liliana Moro and her "29.88 KMQ".

All the works are outdoor and can be seen free of charge.
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Map of ALL'APERTO works

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