Alpine pastures and eco-museums

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In the summer months Oasi Zegna becomes an open-air eco-museum where ancient trades mingle in perfect harmony with modern ones.

In the two eco-museum cells of Alpeggio Margosio and Alpeggio Moncerchio it’s possible to meet herdsmen and see their animals in a natural mountain environment, watch cows being milked and milked being processed and taste local cheeses and other genuine products: these are just some of the experiences that can be enjoyed with all the family in Oasi Zegna.

The traditional move up to the higher pastures (“transhumance”) was at the beginning of June and the return to the valley bottom was in early autumn, around the end of September.

Alpe Margosio is easily accessed via the Panoramica Zegna road, a few minutes on foot from the Monte Rosa panorama point. It’s run by Valentina and Nicola, who are happy to organize goat cheese tastings, lunches and visits to their dairy (by reservation).

Alpe Moncerchio is an easy walk from Bocchetto Sessera: after an hour or so the path reaches the green bowl where Pezzate Rosse, cows typical of the Biella Alps, graze. Giada and her family provide “zero km” snacks, lunches and dinners.

This alpine pasture has rooms for visitors and a recently built educational facility illustrating the life of another inhabitant of the area, the Carabus olympiae, a rare, iridescent beetle which is a protected species and the emblem of Oasi Zegna.
The alpine pastures are open from June to September. Dairy workshops can be organized for schools.
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Agriturismo Alpe Moncerchio
Bielmonte (BI)
+ 39.339.7289682 + 39.329.2060620
AgriChiosco Alpe Margosio
Strada Panoramica Zegna Località Bocchetto di Margosio
Mosso Valdilana (BI)
Elena 345.6086473 Erik 349.1290047    

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