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Genius Loci, the spirit of a territory

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The information and communication system in Oasi Zegna, a 100 km2 nature park in the Biella Alps in Piemonte, guides visitors through their experience by giving them an environment that actually communicates. An integrated system of special info panels produced under the supervision of Oasi Zegna’s Scientific Committee and the Natural History Museum in Milan offers an overview of the territory’s flora and fauna, geology and history.


The Oasi Zegna project is based on a 10-point mission drawn up by a team of experts and coordinated by the Scientific Committee:


  1. design a territorial improvement initiative to create a “communicating” environment that promotes dialog between humans and nature
  2. resume ithe dialog between industry, the environment and the community established by Ermenegildo Zegna, and develop its more innovative concepts
  3. communicate an image of enlightened enterprise capable of identifying needs and implementing projects to satisfy them
  4. satisfy inew needs arising from the general demand for a higher quality of life
  5. intervene on a voluntary basis to safeguard the territory, restore equilibrium between eco-systems and favor accessibility to natural resources
  6. promulgate a “modus vivendi” rooted in antique values but also in highly modern concepts such as environmental culture and interrelations between eco-systems
  7. record the characteristics of Oasi Zegna’s territory in terms of flora and fauna, geology and anthropology
  8. promote scientific, cultural and environmental education initiatives strictly connected with the eco-system in which the area is located
  9. foster ieducational activity by creating a system of communication to promote Oasi Zegna’s objectives
  10. develop infrastructure enabling people to enjoy the territory in line with the principles outlined above                           

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