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Ermenegildo's green thought

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In line with the sustainability principles that drive Ermenegildo Zegna Group, Oasi Zegna represents a consequence of the founder’s green approach.
In love with nature and driven by a deep sense of giving back to his homeland and community, in the 1930s textile entrepreneur Ermenegildo Zegna embarked on a vast environmental restoration project in the mountains of Piedmont, Northern Italy, surrounding the original wool mill established in 1910 and following the road that he himself traced.
Long before the word ‘ecosystem’ was invented, Ermenegildo began creating the ecosystem that is known today as Oasi Zegna. Yet his vision went beyond industry. By placing his mill at the heart of a much wider community, he made up a proper 232 road and later the Oasi, through painstaking reforestation work, creating a sustainable interdependence.

Officially born in 1993, thanks to Zegna family third generation’s passion, Oasi Zegna is a cultivation driven not to exploit, but to enhance. A free access natural territory that extends 100 Km2, Oasi Zegna expands through 1,420 hectares of woods and 170 hectares of pasture, becoming the perfect place to connect with nature in full respect for local ecosystems. In 2014, Oasi Zegna obtained FAI patronage (Fondo Ambiente Italiano) as a unique model in Italy.  

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