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Rediscover traditions and make cheese at Alpe Moncerchio and Cascina Pilota

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A Sunday morning in the upland grazing grounds, amidst animals and verdant pastures, clean air and panoramas that make the heart rejoice. An ideal Sunday for all the family combining wellbeing in nature and the rediscovery of mountain traditions handed down through the generations.
The perfect opportunity to do all this is on the four days organized by Oasi Zegna for summer 2021, the Upland Sundays: 6 June, 4 July, 1 August and 5 September.

The grazing grounds taking part in the initiative, in different ways that you can find out about by contacting them yourself, are Alpe Moncerchio and Cascina Pilota.
Kids will certainly be happy to observe the animals and very interested in the cheese making process. The cheeses can be tasted on the spot of course.

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