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Bielmonte, a resort just for you

Slopes available for corporate competitions, birthdays, racing with friends, training sessions and special occasions

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Bielmonte is a rather special resort in that its mission is to satisfy the needs of all sorts of visitors. Its value added is an offering designed for people in search of a captivating location for a memorable event. 

At the end of the day in fact, lighting and ski-lifts can be provided on request. Corporate competitions, birthdays, racing with friends, ski club training sessions and special occasions (nighttime too) are all splendid opportunities to enjoy the resort’s facilities on an exclusive basis. 

Ideal for beginners of all ages, but also for the most demanding athletes, Bielmonte’s ski slopes are sunny and in no way chaotic, having two chair-lifts, two cable cars, three uphill magic carpets and various types of routes to choose from on different flanks of the mountain. 

From the easiest pistes to the more demanding ones (black) for experienced skiers. Special rates for the over-60s and university students. And for fans of slow skiing, who don’t want to miss their steaming polenta in a mountain refuge, there’s a special consecutive two- or four-hour pass to use during the day. 

For info: Icemont - 015.744102, info@bielmonteneve.it
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