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Riding? If the place is right... it's a dream

The stables at Bielmonte have different breeds for different riding styles

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If horse riding is already a magnificent experience, saddling up in Oasi Zegna is an excellent opportunity to turn a normal day into something unforgettable. The Centro Equestre, with various breeds of horses, is on the Panoramica Zegna road, at piazzale 2, Bielmonte, at 1,500 meters above sea level and with a splendid panorama. “We’re in a wonderful place,” explains riding school manager Renato, “with some spectacular panoramas. When you’re on horseback here and look down from Oasi Zegna, it’s like looking at a nativity scene. This completely changes your riding experience”.

The Centro Equestre enables guests to practice horse riding for an hour, a weekend, for any period of time, depending on their needs and age. The stables house 26 horses of various breeds, sizes, characters and types of coat, from those more suitable for kids to the more robust breeds. Lessons are open to everyone. “That horse riding is a hobby for the rich is a myth we have to dismantle,” says the manager. “A lesson costs less than an hour of tennis, and involves the horse and an instructor, as well as stables.”

The Centro Equestre in Oasi Zegna also plays an important role in rehabilitating horses who’ve suffered serious traumatic disorders due to over-stressful sport, excessively demanding owners or any other causes. “The more intelligent animals, like horses, react to stress by withdrawing and defending themselves, by kicking and biting. It’s often easier to work with animals that have never had any contact with humans.”

From ponies to Shetlands, pentros and appaloosas, and even donkeys for pet therapy: in Oasi Zegna you can practice various styles of horse riding, depending on your needs. Smaller animals are usually employed to introduce kids to riding, above all because of their lower visual impact. But we’re talking about docile and friendly animals anyway, irrespective of their size. So just jump in the saddle and combine the relaxation of a walk in Oasi Zegna with the thrilling experience of horse riding.

For info and booking: Centro Equestre Oasi Zegna, Piazzale 2, Bielmonte – 346 6968946 - 015 7891460 – 340 1989593 - info@oasizegna.com
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