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Oasi Zegna, the most beautiful walks: the Archeo-mineralogical Trail

Ideal for everyone: a walk with a culinary break and a visit to the Argentera site

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Bocchetto Sessera, Piana del Ponte, Argentera Archeo-mineralogical Site, Bocchetto Sessera (path 15, Oasi Zegna map)

 ROUTE Suitable for everyone, this walk starts downhill though a beech wood to the old Roman bridge over the Sessera. On reaching the Rifugio Piana del Ponte, the path follows the Sessera upstream to the Argentera Archeo-mineralogical Site, with interesting remains of metal mining and processing in Alta Valsessera in the 16th to 19th centuries. Around 200 meters up the road from the site, on the left, is the path leading back to Bocchetto di Sessera.

 Distance: 6 km
 Time: 2.5 hours
 Start point: Bocchetto di Sessera (1,373 m)
 End point: Bocchetto di Sessera
 Total elevation difference: 650 m
 Where to eat: Rifugio Piana del Ponte (open from May to September), info: 366 3976595
- The lovely beech wood at the start of the walk.
- The roaring of the stream (Sessera) accompanying the walkers like background music.
- The home cooking and splendid cakes at Rifugio Piana del Ponte, an idyllic spot for hikers consisting of 3 small stone huts, plus a bivouac.
- The tingling cool water of the stream that flows close by the huts, instant relief for tired feet. There are also some deep pools for bathing.
- Visit to the Argentera site, with remains of the furnace and trip hammer of the forge.
Stock up well with water at the start. Hiking gear, including poles to assist your efforts, is recommended.  

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