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Oasi Zegna by night: from supermoon to moonlight snowshoe hikes

A special week for lovers of the night: discover all the initiatives

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A starry sky, the Po valley plains illuminated, the mountain skyline. A perfect evening. And if the moon is full and the sky is clear, then it’s seriously spectacular. If you’re looking for somewhere to spend a romantic evening, if you’re hunters of stars and love observing and photographing them, if you love nature by night, its smells and sounds, then Oasi Zegna is perfect for you. Spending a weekend in this nature park just an hour and a half from Milan and Turin is always a great way to step back from routine a bit. It’s easy to get to, there’s the Albergo Bucaneve, with its restaurant and SPA, the Rifugio Monte Marca with its panoramic terraces, and farmstays and other mountain huts (here’s the full list of facilities). But the coming weekends are even more inviting, given that the moon will be spectacular. And so many initiatives on the calendar. Night lovers take note!

2020 is special year in that we get the phenomenon of the supermoon twice in the space of a few weeks. The last time was 9 February, when our satellite was “just” 368,086 kilometers from Earth. On 9 March it will move some 5,000 km closer and look 7% bigger than a formal full moon.

Moonlight snowshoe hikes.
The smell of night, the cold that thrills, walking on the snow in a cone of torch light. Moonlight walks in Oasi Zegna are a must, one of the experiences best loved by visitors, also judging by the success of the most recent outings. The next one, with Amici del Fondo, is on 7 March, from Bocchetto Sessera to the stone dwellings at Artignaga, one of the most beautiful alpine grazing grounds in Upper Valsessera. Booking: 328 9345001 or 339 7628696 with WhatsApp. Cost of outing: 6 euros + 6 euros snowshoe hire.

Photographing the sky by night.
The beauty of the night sky at Oasi Zegna is famous. With no light pollution, the expanse of the Po valley plains at your feet and the mountain skyline lit solely by moonlight. And with a clear sky, the spectacle of the stars is truly breath-taking. As shown by the photos Oasi Zegna fans post on their socials.

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