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As spring is transforming our territory, a new shape in the management of our woodlands begins, with new plantings on the way. You too can contribute to this

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Having rested beneath a thick mantle of snow throughout the winter, Zegna Forest’s new generation of trees is now awakening. These trees - Cornus Kousa, Nyssa sylvatica, Parrotia persica, Ginkgo biloba and magnolias – reached Oasi Zegna on 21 November 2020 (Tree Day), a symbolic date for this new Fondazione Zegna project to safeguard our woodlands against the harmful effects of climate change (for details of the project as a whole, follow this link).

Meanwhile, work is starting up again in the new phase of the Zegna Forest project, which in 2021 provides for a series of operations, mainly the planting of beeches in certain lower parts of Oasi Zegna. Forests are the guardians of our Planet, guaranteeing health for us all, and especially future generations. You can help us in this conservation effort. Follow this link to find out how to make a donation and help us successfully implement our ambitious project.


A 15 hectare tract of land in the Craviolo area is already being inspected and the operating phase will be starting soon, with thicker parts of the pine forest being “thinned out” to allow spontaneous pine saplings to grow in height.

Oasi Zegna’s pastures are turning green again, especially lower down. Sunlight is warming up everything and certain animals are emerging from hibernation. Buds are sprouting on the trees, promising new leaves, which are already appearing here and there. And the first flowers of course, primulas and incredible expanses of candid snowdrops.

So this year’s spring has definitely arrived. The season of reawakening and rebirth is the best loved maybe and in any case always welcome, all the more so this year perhaps, given that events over the never-ending months behind us have taught us to stop and observe it with different eyes. 

It’s not yet time for spectacular blossoming here. It’s on the way though. Nature doesn’t hurry and doesn’t stop, despite everything.

The first phase of the Zegna Forest project, launched as a “pilot” under the umbrella of Fondazione Zegna in 2020, reached its completion in 2021: from 2022 Oasi Zegna will directly manage the program. Contributions are still welcome through donations to Fondazione Zegna. 

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